attention: commission prices will be increased after the current batch!


do you want a commission from me?
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about me

I'm Shiz or Octeeo, a digital artist!
more details - here

my name is Shiz, or Octeeo!
I am a Ukrainian primarily digital artist focusing on character design and illustration, who has recently branched off into tattoing. Also, one of the creators of the Maloviy community.
the things I love most are fantasy-esque designs, monsters, witches, fae, cryptids and eyes in places you didn't see coming. though, I also don't mind drawing things that are silly - having fun with my art is one of my current goals. my main inspiration and subject are the original characters I've amassed over the years, and I dream of sharing their stories with the world - via comics or something else, perhaps.
• 22 y/o (28.02)
• she/they
• Kyiv, Ukraine (currently in Valencia, Spain)


slots taken:

these prices are for personal, non-commercial commissions only. commercial prices will be higher and can be discussed with me directly
please look through my recent art - my style tends to evolve over time

I'm okay with

  • OCs, fanart, shipping

  • non-human, anthro characters, creatures

  • real people

  • artistic nudity

  • light gore

I won't draw

  • sexualized/objectified women

  • realism

  • complex machinery, robots, vehicles

  • hard NSFW

  • offensive content

how to commission

dm me on twitter/instagram or send an e-mail. provide:
• the commission type
• a description of your idea
what do you want to see happening in this artwork? a rough sketch of any quality is a great help.
• references, moodboards
• a few words about the character
personality, special details, anything of importance
• whether there's a time limit
if not specified, I will work at my own pace (standard time - 1 month)
• if you need an image of a specific format or size, specify, what it is

work stages

after each stage, I'll give you an update of my progress
1. thumbnails
simplified doodles of the overall pose/composition, I usually make a few to choose from. you can pay no later than this stage
2. rough and clean sketch
up to this stage, fundamental edits can still be made
3. lineart (for the respective style)
4. flat color
5. detail
6. shading
7. polishing, tweaking and adding effect layers

terms and conditions:

100% pre-payment via PayPal, Payoneer or Western Union (there might be fees), either right away or after I provide initial rough thumbnailsno refunds if the work had been started, unless I myself am unable to finish your commission. I'll discuss the matter individually in that caseI can decline your idea for personal unspecified reasons, other than the "don'ts" listed previously3 major edits on the thumbnail and sketch stages, 3 minor edits on later stages. further edits for extra paymentdon't make edits to the artwork without my approval (just dm me and discuss the edits you want to make)only use the artwork for the purposes agreed upon. the pricing in above images is intended for non-commercial art onlycredit me, if you use or post the artwork anywhere onlineI can publish the artwork upon completion to my social media and my portfolio, unless agreed otherwiseI'll be updating you on my progress and will send you the full high resolution image once finished (via e-mail or cloud services). I will warn you in case of a delay, and I guarantee to finish the artwork, unless unforseen circumstances prevent me from doing so.

terms and conditions:

payment: via PayPal, Payoneer or Western Union. if you don't reply in 48h after I contact you for payment or don't pay in time we agreed upon, I will contact the next higher bidder instead. no refunds.• after payment, you will receive a high-res PNG of the design and all the add-ons specified in the auction. you can request a PSD as well• the auction prices are for personal use. for commercial use, the price will be double the final bid. contact me for the commercial use rightsgifting, trading and re-selling are allowed. reselling must be for the same price or lower (unless you are including additional investments and other artwork of the character when re-selling)use: you can use/draw a design only after purchasing it. you can commission art of the design, add onto it, add your own stories to it, etc.edits: don't make direct edits to the artwork without my approval. you can make edits to the design itself (in new artwork), if the character stays recognizablecredit me, if you use/post this specific artwork of the character anywhere online. don't remove my signature from the artworkI keep the right to publish the artwork to my social media and my portfolio